I Am Thrilled Trump Lost

I have been told that I lost limited partners for speaking up abuot Trumpf and using Bill Maher’s ‘Fat Nixon’ nickname.

For the last little while I settled on ‘Orange Julius’.

I talk about it with Gary, Tom and Ross and they have always been ok with me speaking my mind about it.

Ellen and the kids are too.

My job is to find great people and return capital to my limited partners.

It turns out Orange Julius would likely still be President if he knew how to ask the right questions, attract good people, and listen. He absolutely sucked at his job and he lost.

As usual, he will blame everyone else and the system. Fine with me. He is a big loser. A fraud. A cheat.

I have so many friends that fought very hard to help Biden/Harris beat Orange Julius and their work mattered so I am very happy for them.

I have friends that worked really hard to get Orange Julius elected and I am not surprised he sabotaged all their efforts.

I hate high taxes, but I have mobility for now and America offers me choices. I think China cheats. I think we need an actual plan to deal with COVID. I think there are too many guns. I think the bankers back in 2009 should have done perp walks (I can’t get over that even in 2020). I think the Mexico Wall is dumb and luckily Trump was in charge of it. I think politicians need some experience (Trumpf proved that) but I think 30 years of it is too much. I think healthcare can absolutely be fixed and I think Americans need to lose some weight and get healthier. I’m all for trying to get along and being nice, but standing up to bullies here and abroad.

Back to work but first I am off for my long Sunday ride.