I Interrupt This Humblebrag for a Humblebrag

I have been accused by some friends of too much #humblebragging of late.

I am guilty.

There are four types of sharing on social media…

1. Misery/News

2. Ideas

3. Talking your book

4. Humblebrags

I love sharing ideas. I try to do this most and it’s why Stocktwits and Twitter get the most of my time. When it comes to stocks and markets I really try and check my #humblebragging at the door because thousands of others are in the same idea already and 50 percent of the time I am wrong. In the rare cases I am zigging while the media is zagging, I will check in often to say that I was wrong or #humblebrag.

I don’t share misery or news.

I definitely talk my book because you should ALWAYS be talking your book. Whose other book should I be talking? The best in the business of investing talk their books. I follow the best.

As for Humblebragging, I use my blog to wrote my ideas and thoughts down. Because of the magic of ‘search’, I get to look back and see what I was thinking. The good news is anyone can use the same search to call me out when I am wrong. When I invest in a startup, it’s generally with just a few people so it makes sense that we brag when the outcome we dream of takes place.

I wish there was an easy way to #humblefail. I have many startup investments that fail. I do use Stocktwits to call out my trade ideas and decisions so I have to #humblefail all the time and apologize when it comes to stocks. It is not as simple and easy to call out bad hypothesis, poor execution and bad investor behavior as we would all like in the start-up world so the #humblebrag will dominate for the forseeable future.

I am proud to be in the #humblebrag category of late but I sure as hell don’t expect it to last.