I love Chipotles



Let me start by saying I am not a fan of restaurant stocks. But, Chipotle’s IS different. What an absolute homerun for McDonald’s this continues to be with their stock up at $40 from lows of $18. It ain’t their salads!

I ate their three times last week. No heartburn, no gas ( OK a little, but I am 41).

The stock is up $4 bucks today to $55, still well off it’s crazy high of $67 (I was a seller – luckily), but well above my recent buys around $50.

No real reason for the movement in the end, it’s volatile, but this chain delivers.

This country is big. This company has legs and the room to grow. I am headed there for lunch (no Corona)

Long – CMG


  1. Ugly says:

    Can you believe one of their burritos has twice the fat and calories of a big mac?
    I have also heard that they can cause breast growth in men.

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