I Love Coronado

Life has been good here on Coronado the last week.

Rachel and I are spending some quality time before she starts her career next week. Max came to visit and he looked at us twice, Knut came to the house from Phoenix to set up the summer podcast studio and Sheel came to hang with the family.

Last night Ellen and I took Lindzee for a run on dog beach. Lindzee loves to run but rarely gets a chance off leash. The beaches and the island is very quiet because the Del Coronado hotel remains closed for COVID. I love the silence, but I hate the fact that the small local businesses are in pain.

I have also had two friends come visit me for 30 mile rides. In all my years here this was the first two times that friends from Los Angeles made the trek.

I track my rides on Strava and this year I am on pace to shatter my miles personal best. Last December I sat on my couch sick, weak and recovering from surgery so I am lucky and grateful to be having such a fun year of fitness.

Yesterday, I blew both my tires in the first mile. I felt bad because my buddy Mike had driven down to get the ride in. It would have been easy to throw in the towel, but Mike was ok with walking back to the Coronado bike store and see if we could get help with the tires. Within 45 minutes we were back on the roads. I am glad we stuck it out.

My routine right now starts at 5 am with the daily blog posts and 6 am Zoom calls. I get a run and or bike in after the markets close and the rest of the day is zoom calls and networking on the porch. The evenings have been board games and bad Rachel Netflix choices.

It is weird to be more productive at my job from home all these months than from the road but it is…at least for now. No complaints.