I Love Seeing My Friends Do Well…

I was doing my daily skim of Instagram yesterday and I saw that my friend Josh Brown had a feature story done on him and his partner Barry in Barron’s.

Josh was thrilled because Barron’s is a weekly financial paper that everyone in the industry knows and respects.

I’ve had Josh on my podcast. Barry too.

It really is true…they will talk and talk and talk…especially about the markets.

When I am in New York, I try and swing by each time because I know there will be food involved.

As I always say here…I love seeing my friends do well.

Their partnership means a lot to me because they met while attending my old ‘Lindzonpalooza’ yearly event on Coronado island. Josh wrote about the funny moment on his blog:

In 2010, I was invited out to hang with Howard Lindzon’s gang of fintech entrepreneurs and markets aficionados out in Coronado Island. I was broke, with a four year old daughter and a son turning one, a career in retail brokerage that I was deliberately winding down while trying to find an investment advisory role to pivot toward. I had to borrow the money to make the flight out to San Diego and stay at the Del. But I knew I needed to take a risk and meet some of the other financial bloggers I was now networking with online.

I met Barry the first morning of Lindzonpalooza. It was unseasonably cold so the early birds at the pool that morning were in sweatshirts and towels, huddling on chaise lounges waiting for the sun to break over the Peninsular mountain range. I sat down and we told each other the abbreviated version of respective stories. A crow was picking at Barry’s french fries because once he started talking, he never stopped. We’re still somewhere in the middle of that same conversation we began eight years ago. Barry never ends a discussion, he just joins the last one to a new one with a simple “By the way…” or “Stop and think about it…”

It is now over 15 years since I started this blog and 12 years since I started Stocktwits and I still get a thrill for all the friends connected and stories of people doing well from the digital social networks we have all created. So many of these digital relationships have blossomed offline as well.

PS – I was excited to see the Stocktwits merchandise get plugged by WSJ this week. My friend Spencer Jakab who is the editor of the Heard On The Street column liked the way we have been thinking about merchandise for the community.

This TULIP shirt is my new favorite.