I Miss Home … 

I’m sitting in front of the Danube as it flows by me in Bratislava. It’s gorgeous outside. I just had a great run along the river. 

I’ve been in Europe for just 19 days but….

I miss my little corner of the earth on Coronado. 

I miss seeing my kids. 

I miss my dogs. 

I miss my house.

I miss StockTwits and my friends in San Diego. 

It’s amazing to miss people and things so much when they don’t miss you. 

My kids are doing great and there are no problems at my house. Our dogs are happily playing with a family that loves them. I’m having a fantastic work/play/vacation. Nobody at StockTwits is asking for anything (though I pester them on Slack). My partners are leaving me be. I’ve had two founders sign acquisition agreements while I’ve been gone. The US stock market is romping and I am long. Europe has never felt more accessible despite the horrors I keep reading about all day. 

I shouldn’t miss home so much in this era of cheap communication, mobility, social web and apps. Yesterday, I was speaking to a group of founders in Bratislava and they were listening to me so enthusiastically for so long with such interest I could not have felt more appreciated.

Yet I miss home. 

It first hit home when I landed in Vienna a few days ago. I was so hungry I went to McDonalds. I have not eaten something at McDonalds for years. I scarfed it down and it tasted better than McDonald’s has ever tasted to me. I’m not even ashamed. 

Maybe we will just go home early. I’m lucky that we can. 

I think the big thing is how important it is to have a home. I have a new appreciation for the hundreds of millions if not billions of people that feel they don’t have one themselves.