I Need A Favor…

I love this Seth Godin piece on writing

Yes, it would be great if you could become a full-stack developer. If you put in the hard work to be a civil engineer or a mathematician on the cutting edge. But most people were persuaded from an early age that this isn’t the work for them.

But writing?

If you’re an actor, being able to write means that you can cast yourself.

If you’re a marketer, being able to write means you can tell your story.

If you’re looking for a job, being able to write makes you part of a special minority.

Writing is organized thinking on behalf of persuasion.

Writing is your opportunity to stand out, to pitch in and to make a difference.

And you don’t need a permit or equipment. You don’t need an insider’s edge, or money either.

Writing may be the skill with the highest return on investment of all. Because writing is a symptom of thinking.

One of the biggest joys of writing and sharing everyday is the fantastic and diverse readership that shows up to read everyday. I write to help myself think, but the perks have been incredible.

I have a call option on asking a favor.

I dread having to ask for favors, I prefer to do favors for others.

I know that one day I will need a favor or two.

I am lucky that I have the time and network to do favors for people.

In a mobile, social, connected world, favors are an incredibly valuable currency. Favors are deposits.

I am in the business of making deposits that I hope I never need to withdraw.

Have a great Sunday