I Was Promised The Roaring Twenties and All I Got Was Broke

I remember being told that the post COVID world would be like the roaring twenties.

I almost got a tattoo I was so excited.

Instead I went mostly to cash and have managed to still lose a lot of money.

The annoying Bitcoin people keep telling me that cash is stupid and I have had to block more of them than Trumpfsters.

The market is like the Dead Sea to a cut right now. If you have a weakness, the market is finding it and causing pain.

The smart people that have sidestepped the carnage so far should be applauded. The bear market is hunting them down.

Stay alert.

PS …

Billionaire crypto ‘investor’ Mike Novogratz did get a tattoo because of the crypto bull market. Here it is:

$LUNA.X was on it’s way to $120 as the tattoo dried. Today it is at $1. Yes One dollar.