I Went There (Birkenstocks and Socks) …and The Nasdaq

What a week.

I will start with the Nasdaq because most people are here to try and make money. Everyone here knows I love charts and I flip through thousands each week to catch me up on the state of the markets. I thought JC (All-Star Charts) had the best look at the recent action, mainly because he has also called a lot of the action correctly. Of course thousands of others on Stocktwits do the same, but I am a creature of habit.

Take a read. If you are too lazy to read…trust me, the bears look like they are pressing at the wrong time. I agree with JC…hating the President does not mean you should fight uptrends.

Yesterday, Ellen organized a family day trip to Cinque Terre. It is really a wonder, despite the crowds…

I am sure Instagram and AirBnb have exploded travel to off the beaten path places like this. It does take some of the joy out of it for me.

Ellen caught me doing my Italy thing and I took a lot of flak (scroll through the comments) for my below the knees attire:

This morning I finished a grueling ride where Andreas wiped the ‘Tuscany and Chill’ smirk off my face (1200 meters of vertical and 58 kilometers)

Tonight, the Lindzon’s make pasta!

Have a great Sunday as well.

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