I Will be Buying Tomorrow…Here is What and Why

I added some Solar today with CSIQ. I will be pestering their Phoenix sales office over the holiday weekend.
I also added a few shares of NEOG to my existing position.

I am adding Waste Connections tomorrow (WCN) and a few tech stocks at least for a trade. Probably RIMM, VMW/EMC, Baidu and GOOG. I am hoping for some panic at the open, but with a 5 percent bounce intra-day in Japan, I may just be paying up on a few stocks.

The crashed financials weigh heavily on the S&P index as financials are the biggest weighting in the index. I think the moves in the index are therfore a little misleading as to the overall market damage which is not that bad.

I think the fear is focused where it should be.

Let’s see what happens.

Disclosure – Long CSIQ, NEOG and EMC


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