I Will Not Pay for News… And Donald Trump is a Loser 

Fred Wilson asks a great question … ‘Would you Pay for News?‘ You should chime in on his blog. 

I’m not sure if I have paid for news directly in the last 10 years. 

I don’t think news can make me money over a long period of time (trading) or make me smarter. It definitely won’t make me happier or less anxious. 

To be honest I can’t even define ‘news’ anymore. 

In the USA …Twitter is the ‘news’ and for everyone else there is Facebook. Fox and CNN are reactionary opinion just like your feed which won!

Twitter freed the news. I pay indirectly of course by curating and sharing links that others click on and either see ads or subscribe. 

Because of Social Networks I don’t think news destinations have ever had it easier but I don’t think they have figured out the best way to manage the costs, flow and funnel of this social ‘news’ era. I remain positive that we are on our way though to a ‘news’ revolution as we figure out the answers. 

The most bullish case for news and media is Donald Trump has 10.9 million followers and still thinks it’s the media that is causing him the election.  

I have news for Donald Trump…It’s always the message!  His sucks. 

What would you be able to accomplish with 10.9 million followers and the media he has hacked himself into?