If I could fix two things aboooouuut Canada!

1. Currency

2. Toronto Airport

I can’t fix the weather although Al Gore would tell you there will be no winters here soon – but a more backwards currency and third world airport in Toronto need changing.

I have been here a week and am toting around 5 pounds of Loonies and Toonies. This is an old story, but it is an assanine, taxing, arrogant policy – what gives? It is like 15th century Europe. All my suit pockets are permanently stretched from the coins. Larry David should do a show about this already. Coins are a huge tax on wealth due to loss and just general neglect.

Pearon Airport – For all the years I have landed at Toronto’s airport, I have never felt welcome. It could be Russia for all anyone knows. Long walks, dim lighting, a dungeon for customs and insane rules by the grounds crews leave an awful first impression. Bags are not unloaded from airplanes during rain! This is a city that likely has 100 days of rain!

On a bigger issue of currency, why not do away with coins on a global basis and round up or down to the nearest dollar, pound, euro. Save billions in printing and taxes which would offset and extra costs born by the consumers. Just get it done already!