If You Could Hate One Stock…

I hate a few. You know them if you read this blog.

1. Best Buy (BBY)

2. Verizon (VZ)

3. Harley Davidson (HOG)

4. Capital One Financial (COF)

5. Gamestop (GME)

I hate them for different reasons…Verizon because I am a customer, Best Buy for their pathetic bait and switch financing tactics and financial engineering, Harley…because they are loud, stupid and not made for jewish hips, yet riden by too many 40 plus year old jews, Gamestop because it’s the only store in the mall that Max makes me go to (and the dirtiest) otherwise I would never go to the mall and Capital One Financial because it’s so loved by Wall Street.

I have no current positions in any of these. They all have printed money and have been Wall Street Favorites. Harley was even Wallstripped , although I have never owned it (finally tanking on its own credit vomit). Before you Harley lovers chime…you all look like retards on them even with your blow up girlfriends.

If I were to short one stock from this group today, it would be Capital One Financial. I have no particular feeling about which one on this list will implode next, but since I am long Visa, Mastercard and American Express right now and run a ‘hedge fund’, Capital One is likely to implode if the others implode. Based on price action, it should implode faster than my three financial longs.

What’s your most hated company and does it relate well to a stock that could implode.? Do tell…