I’m A Superstititous Man

I loved this Ben Hunt piece on the Jeffrey Epstein death titled ‘Superstitious Man’.

What I am saying is that Epstein’s direct testimony – AND ONLY EPSTEIN’S DIRECT TESTIMONY – had the potential to create a Common Knowledge moment that could bring down – not just specific sociopathic oligarchs like Mob Boss Donald or Mob Boss Bill or Mob Boss Andrew if they were the specific targets of that testimony – but the entire Mob system of sociopathic oligarchy.

Jeffrey Epstein was the Missionary to bring down the monsters behind the monster, to bring down the SYSTEM of monsters.

Jeffrey Epstein’s books and records are not.

The individual voices of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims are not.

And that’s what makes me angriest of all.

Jeffrey Epstein’s death while in Federal custody shook me like the bank bailouts of 2008. Once again, the pleasant skin of American democracy has been sloughed off to reveal the naked sinews of power and wealth and violence beneath.

Read the whole article and then read the comment thread it sparked.