Impeach This! and My Latest Podcast With Ben Hunt

Before I get started, congrats to Social Leverage portfolio company Koyfin on raising $3 million to continue building great stock and stock market research tools. I love that the product is loved and it works in a Tesla. Keep cranking Rob and Rich!

Onwards to the impeachment mobile…

The year 2019 has had it all if you follow the stock market.

January saw the market explode higher from the December crash, but that was the tease.

We have had trade wars, gold booming, Bitcoin blasts, volatility, bad IPO’s good IPO’s cancelled IPO’s and still today the S&P is up 18 percent on the year.

Tomorrow things may change.

Fat Nixon begged for the impeachment and he’s going to have his impeachment.

Orange Julius may or may not go down, and Biden may or may not go down, but the big winner tomorrow is Elizabeth Warren and at some soon point the market just may have to take into account all of her ‘plans’.

In the meantime, you should find 30 minutes while driving or working out and listen to my latest podcast with the talented Ben Hunt – he of Epsilon Theory. This is my first audio only podcast from my new office studio and I love the intimacy of the chat structure to have conversations with friends about investing and the stock market. Ben and I talk about zero interest rates, writing and the politicizing of the stock market. The bubble is in our BTFD behavior.

You can listen to the podcast here on the Apple podcast app or on Spotify – just search my name. If you subscribe you will get an alert each time a new podcast drops.

For a taste of Ben’s great writing and blog, read this piece as well titled ‘Sheep Logic‘ from 2017. Very timely once again.