In Awe of the Mobile Global Warming Boom…

This has been the longest stretch without blogging on WordPress since I started in 2005. I can’t explain why.

The last few days I have gone cold turkey on coffee and ambien and it is not going well. The over under before I break into a pharmacy is tonight! Turns out I am going on a ‘Jack the Ripper’ tour in East London as well. At least it has me blogging.

For the last three years the Lindzon’s have spent the month of July away from Coronado. This year, no kids and so it’s been a very different road trip. New York – London – Sotogrande (Spain) – Madrid – London – Toronto. Much more time for work as I feel more leveraged (in a good way) to it than ever, but still so much time to relax, refresh and think about the next year.

I miss my kids. Facetime, WhatsApp, Voxer, Instagram do not cut it for family time. That might be the only weakness of the mobile boom, but it is a doozy.

The internet has shrunk the world of course, but the mobile web has warmed it.

I have been picked up at Heathrow by a friend, slipped into localness, houseguests of friends in Spain, Hailo’d, Uber’d, Skyped, Hotel Tonight’ed, iphone traded and Open Table’d without hooking up my iPhone for the month. Being only wifi has had its inconveniences of course, but a few timely phone borrows have covered it.

It is not a coincidence that US Markets are at all-time highs and pure play mobile stocks like $YELP defy gravity (long).

The market is going to do what it does for now and that is chase, claw and demand more supply of mobile pure play global companies. It may take a while to get their wish this time. The reason of course is margin concerns, revenue, market cap and being caught off guard by demand somehow.

Expect to hear some crazy connections and upgrades by the few remaining analysts at banks the world over as they scramble to make the desktop web companies fit into their models to keep everyone churning until the supply can truly be satisfied.

Now it’s off to watch some British Open on TV, the first time I have turned on a TV in 20 days.