The Inconceivable Rally is Dead…Ebola and Netflix Killed It!

I love Netflix, I just don’t own it. Tonight, I feel a little less stupid. The stock has had more panic attacks than Tony Soprano. Tomorrow it is set to open down $120 points. Let’s put it all in a perspective:

The stock has broken all laws of physics for technicians.

Moving on…

Since September….short indexes, long Ebola stocks has been a career maker.

Maybe three people on the planet got this trade dead right and they won’t be on Twitter or CNBC.

I watched the trade develop on Stocktwits ticker streams but did not participate. So many people in my stream have sidestepped the crash (golf clap). A few have been long Ebola stocks (Shofar blow). You know who you are.

Tonight I want to shout out ivanhoff who I work with and have watched build the SL50 with me. I chip in with a model portfolio that has been very light stocks since February and over 90 percent in cash the last three weeks. We are thrilled to have helped people get out. It’s been boring not talking about stocks because we have been sitting on our hands. As a swing trader (much different than my personal style) Ivan has been knocking it out of the park for subscribers while we wait. I can’t get Ivan to put as much money to work as I did over the last few days because most people should not trade high volatility. It breeds flipping, quick profit taking and is extremely time consuming.

His update tonight was great as usual. Here it is from behind the paywall. If you need a mentor and want to learn (any age), Ivan is your guy.

The market is definitely in a panic. The U.S.A has been the LUCKY country this year. Global indexes are being pummeled as volatility picks up.

One thing I know for sure…the ‘inconceivable’ rally is done. Kaput.

Tomorrow a new bull market may emerge, but it will not look the same as march 2009-october 2014.

I can dig that. I know where to look.


  1. Gordon Bowman says:

    Ivan has definitely been on point recently. Certainly helped me steer clear of a lot of this trouble. Props!

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