Inconceivable Rally Part 86 and It is a Market of Stocks not a Stock Market

The Stock market is back at May 2008 levels which is 1420 on the $SPY. That is down approximately 60 percent and up 120 percent in 4 years. If you click here I guarantee you will know what to do next.

Here is how it looks everyday on Wall Street:

The markets are insane, hilarious, wonderful, unexpected and impossible wrapped up in magic, bullshit, pain, denial and glee. And no…that’s not a Goldman Sachs reference!

It is silly if not impossible to predict the daily, monthly and yearly market fluctuations. It is possible to learn the language of the market and read the tape or as we call it on Stocktwits the ‘Human Ticker’. The great investors learn to manage risk and if managing other’s money, communicate impeccably with investors.

Consider the amazing world of guns and ammunition. Pull up the chart and narrative on Smith and Wesson $SWHC and Ruger $RGR since 2007. They both imploded with the markets in 2007 and 2008 (wait should’nt all guns stocks kicked ass as the world ended in 2008?) and while both are up since 2009, Ruger is up 1000 percent. Let’s now forget the past and think about all the possibilities starting tomorrow. We are in a bull market now. Will Smith and Wesson play catch up or will the institutional continue to rise relatively faster?

Yep…inconceivable stuff every second of every day. If you are not fascinated by the stuff, it’s ok. If you are fascinated by this stuff, we are here for you. Either way, it’s not gambling, it is funny but rarely fun and it is not easy.

In a bull market stock picking actually matters, but let’s be honest…most of us are better off cutting costs and just dollar cost averaging. If you love stocks and markets, the narrative matters to you and it always will. Fresh ideas too. In a bear market you are just pretty much screwed.

Got it?

Thought so.


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