India and The Internet…

The Indian internet frontier is now in full acceleration.

Pure 4G Service Provider Reliance Jio crossed the 300 Million customers mark in just two-and-a-half years of its commercial operations in India.

The stat does not mean that much to me and my investing this morning, but in the next bear market, when fear again grips investors and the media, India’s internet usage is a fact and data point that will lead to the next recovery…especially for the S&P 500 companies making the right investments and efforts in India. Facebook is one example.

Speaking of fear and bear markets…the S&P has now recovered everything it lost in the 4th quarter last year. One of the quickest recoveries in history. Ben has a great post on the comeback and the data.

If you have any doubts about India now that their internet economy is raging…look no further than the current crop of USA IPO’s in the last few weeks – Lyft, Zoom, Pinterest represent billions in new wealth in transportation/logistics, telecommunications and social media/e-commerce.

It is hard to keep the markets down and innovation stifled when everyone is connected, chatting and spending.