Individualism and The Unbundling of The Stock Market Indexes

For too many years I woke up to the same 6 stocks trending on Stocktwits … now each day is different.

Imagination and creativity are back and the index unbundling is real.

I have not quantified anything…yet…this is just something I see and feel watching the Stocktwits streams.

But, I stumbled across this article yesterday yesterday titled The pandemic has unleashed the age of individualism, and it got my attention. Have a read. The gist:

In the past, individualism encompassed religious non-conformity and economic liberalism in various versions, including laissez faire. This produced great success models like capitalism. The individualism that covid has spawned is bound to touch several more facets of society than before. The technological infrastructure that is backing this new wave of individualism is much more impactful. What miracles might this new wave of individualism generate?

Turns out one of the miracles is people are picking their own stocks.

Long live STONKS!