Inflation…It Gets you in the End!

Long-Term, inflation will catch up with you and give you some ‘whoopass’.

I have written about WINFlation in the past and have long been bullish about it (it really was a profitable call so far). BUT, we are reaching stress levels that make me nervous though. First, we are happy here, but our friendly freezing neighbors are getting pissy . On our AGU show this week, I beat the NY Times to this story by explaining it to Lindsay in a golf cart. With pipsqueak Canada though, we can just invade if they don’t keep a lid on their pissiness :) . Speaking of invading Canada…How good was John Candy in this ?

So…what’s to worry?

For one, two, three and four, we have really been going a long time with this trend. With oil near $100 and trading partners pissed, we just seem to be pushing our luck. Call me rational.

Just seems like we are getting some major blowups across too many sectors, Financials (pick a name), Cyclicals (caterpillar), Housing and Now Consumer (CROX – warranted or not). Internet leaders should remain relatively strong no matter what happens but narrow leadership is not easy.

Don’t be cocky!