Instagram (Facebook) Trumps Twitter

Twitter has been winning the media attention when it comes to mobile and revenue, but while they chase revenue, Facebook is winning the engagement war and should continue to accelerate their lead with Instagram.

Instagram is the only network that has my family’s full atttention (with each other) and for now that matters. I don’t see how that changes anytime soon.

Today’s example…My son Max has once again decided to stay at camp for two months.  He was been scribbling his hilarious letters to us the first month.  There have been a lot of changed plans.  He’s like his dad when it comes to that.

During the brief session switch from first monthers to second monthers Max must have had access to his phone.  We did not get a call.  No text either.  He does not have a facebook account.

Just this as I was scanning my stream yesterday…

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