Instagram…The Photos or Not the Photos

Other than checking in on the stock market from my iPhone on Stocktwits, there is no app or service I use more than Instagram.

I never thought I could care about photos.

I am not sure that using Instagram means I care.

Nate Bolt has an interesting piece on the Instagram phenomenon over on TechCrunch, but it does not cover why I love the product. If it was truly easy to put Instagram into a box and analyze it on TechCrunch…

I rarely apply filters to photos or share to Facebook. I don’t use it to discover great photographers. I will one day care about their open API as I will want to do stuff with these photos I assume.

In the meantime, I just care about the easy sharing, engagement and the intimacy I get from using the product. I want the stuff I think about, capture and share to get engagement.

I care about the style of it all. I like the idea of writing something interesting to tag on the photo that makes someone’s day. I love laughing and scheming about a photo with my kids as I take it and write the headline for it. I would never do this about an idea I share on Stocktwits or a ‘Tweet’ on Twitter. Those are always going to be personal and private moments for me.

No matter how fast and cheap digital cameras have become, I never engaged in the revolution, other than spending money and storing the latest products in a cupboard ashamed that I never really cared about capturing anything.

Instagram is great for the iPhone and can’t be great for digital cameras short term.

Eastman Kodak $EK would have been wise to have bought this company when they could. Now, like Legg Mason’s Bill Miller – their latest, largest and wrongest investor – they are yesterday’s news.

Luckily for us, Eastman Kodak never bought Instagram. Try it out before they do sell it or get bought though.


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  2. Nico Navarro says:

    You will be able to get Instagram like effects soon on the Galaxy Nexus. I wonder if Instagram will be able to keep innovating in order to continue being a great “useful” app. 

      • Ben Weiss says:

        As an avid Android and iPad user, I can tell you that hundreds of apps attempted to build the elegance and simplicity of Instagram, and none capture it. There will be better apps for tagging photos and organizing photo discovery for sure, but none will be able to capture or serve the constituent like Howard who just wants a simple, stylish, and sophisticated way to create and share photos.

        Instagram and the iPhone are a perfect fit. Android and the various complex apps that ‘do the same thing’ (LittlePhoto, etc) fit together as well…

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  4. Allan Schoenberg says:

    I’m surprised it took you this long to write about Instagram. As I said from the beginning when I started using it this past spring, Instagram combines Twitter with Flickr. But it’s simplicity is its biggest asset.

  5. jeffvincent says:

    every time I got a request for a feature from a customer that is sooo close to our roadmap but we just don’t have the resources to build…you know that real hit my head on my desk moment…I just remember…instagram doesn’t have a web interface :)

  6. Greg Cunningham says:

    I would say that a DSLR blows away any phone camera, but at the end of the day what isn’t used is useless and what inspires us is what matters the most.

  7. Jerry Hoefen says:

    Kodak may not be dead but wall street sure is shorting the stock. By christmas stock should be .30 cents . Cant loose when wallstreet dooms a stock like kodak its sure win to short . Stock market goes up 500 points an kodak goes down . If thats not sure bet nothing is . When stock market breaks even kodak looses 7 percent . Cant wait to see what happens on bad day kodak could loose 30 percent

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