International Coach Travel…Serenity Now!

I spend a lot of time with fortunate people.

I myself am the fortunate of the fortunate so nobody knows fortunate people better than me!

International coach travel is a great way to remind myself how fortunate I really am.

I have become a zen traveller compared to the way I was in my thirties. I would lose my shit at the smallest of inconveniences. Now I watch everyone else lose their minds and just appreciate the magic of waking up in Florence and sleeping in Phoenix on the SAME day. United Airlines lost my bags and I still kept my shit together in Phoenix! We slept at our home in Phoenix and drove to our Coronado home for the rest of the summer. By the way…it was 111 degrees and windy when we landed last night in Phoenix. WTF is wrong with people that continue to live in Phoenix year round. It was like being hit in the face with a blow dryer.

But I digress…

Yesterday we left Florence to start our journey home. Our first stop was Zurich. Our next stop was Chicago. In Chicago (entry to the USA), we had to get our bags and than recheck them and we were switching from Swiss Air to United. In Chicago, I watched some Swiss people and Chinese people do as Ellen and I had to do. They did not speak English. It was sheer chaos in the basement of O’Hare as we waited for our bags endlessly checking our watches and figuring out if we could get across the massive airport to catch the last leg to Phoenix. As much as I wanted to yell at them for their crazy behavior, I did the opposite. I empathized just a bit.

I do think the greatest tax we could levy on billionaires is to force them to fly coach.

Our President is a miserable, selfish, cheating, mean SOB, but coach travel would wake his orange ass up just a smidge like it does the rest of us less fortunate Americans.

PS – The markets are open tomorrow and as Michael Batnick says about the shortened trading session:

Reminder, market manipulation ends three hours early tomorrow

What a time to be alive!


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