International Game Technology (IGT) on Wallstrip

We have almost all the vices covered now on Wallstrip . Cigarettes , Guns , Booze and TransFat . Finally a little gambling.

When we get to porn our work will have a nice rounded feel :) .

International Game technology is one of Wall Street’s greatest stocks…EVER!. Here is the lifetime chart for you non believers . Google Finance’s IGT page is a great starting point for a deeper look into the stock and the industry playa’s!

It is the ‘Intel Inside’ of Casino’s. Let’s be honest, you don’t need to see the financials. Don’t complicate things. If you believe in gambling, you should own the stock.

This is one stock you can buy on the dips and right now, it is down nearly 15 percent from it’s all time highs and I am adding a few more shares tomorrow.

If you want to get picky with price, Brian does a great job of laying out the technicals:

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  1. jeremy says:

    im actually picking up prty.l. ive been following the online gambling laws very closely and i see it getting overturned (online poker is still legal– its the casino side of the business that forces them from operating here).

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