Introducing Like and Flag Features on Stocktwits

At StockTwits, we continue to work to build tools to help you both filter out information that you do not wish to see and discover new users that you would enjoy following.  The newest tools to help accomplish this are the Like and Flag Features.

The Like Feature

The Like feature provides a way for users to recognize greatness as they see it on the StockTwits stream.  If you see a tweet that is insightful, interesting, or just plain awesome, all you have to do is click on the Like button on the tweet:

All your Liked Messages will be saved in a new stream on your navigation panel, “Liked Messages”:

We have also created a Most Liked messages page that contains recent Most Liked messages .  You can get to it at the top of the navigation panel:

This is a great place to discover new people to follow and find new ideas.

The Flag Feature

The Flag feature is similar to the Like feature except you can use it to alert us of any behavior that is violating our House Rules.  This includes spam, pumping, penny stocks, or any other malicious behavior that detracts from your StockTwits experience.

To flag a tweet, use the gear box drop down menu on the tweet, and select Flag.

Once you have flagged the tweet you can enter the reason for it in the box that pops up.  We will then receive notification and address the situation accordingly.

See a video walkthrough of both these new features below:

We have many cool features planned  around this Like feature, so please give us your feedback on what you would like built.

Now get out there and start liking tweets!