Introducing StockTwits Responsive Design and Infinite Scroll…

My new favorite features for enjoying Stocktwits everywhere are live and rolled out.

We have been putting lots of work into the main StockTwits website over the past few months geared towards making our members’ real time markets idea sharing experience insanely good.

Most recently, we have implemented a responsive design in which the website adapts to best fit the environment whether it be on a large or small screen, a reduced browser, a mobile phone or tablet.

Regardless of screen size, you will get full site functionality in an experience that is optimized for the specific device.

We achieved this through the use of CSS3 media queries, where we account for device, screen size and orientation to deliver tailored experiences that best fit your individual needs.

To see what we mean, go to StockTwits on your desktop, grab any corner of your browser window and drag the screen larger and smaller. Then, check out how the site transforms!

You can now easily configure a Mega Pop Out Window that fits into a portion of a screen on your desktop and maintains full StockTwits functionality. Its pretty cool. :)

Infinite Scroll

We have also implemented an infinite scroll at the bottom of each StockTwits Stream which allows you to peruse messages going further back in time to your heart’s delight. Its wicked fast and to try it simply go to any stream on our site and begin scrolling down!

When we open the API mid month to a slew of cool partners and get the best HTML5 charting, estimates and longer form content pushed in directly from individuals and institutions this month, the streams will take on some new and awesome dimensions for $MACRO $STUDY stock and market lovers.

We have much more in store so stay tuned. Its our goal to make your real time markets idea discovery and information sharing expeireince the best in the universe. If you have a suggestion, please leave a comment below or hit us up with a reply on StockTwits!


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