Introducing The StockTwits Discovery Tool

StockTwits has created a powerful discovery tool for our community to use to help you find great people to follow.  We call it The StockTwits Discovery Tool and you will notice it in several places across The StockTwits Site.

We notice new people popping up everyday on StockTwits who contribute amazing content to the community and so we set out to implement features to make it easy for our members to discover new talent in relavant areas they might have missed.

First, we have posted a full page dedicated to discovery where StockTwits members can filter for specific attributes.  These include Suggested List status, approach to the market, holding period,  asset class and investor relations.

Second, we have posted a widget on all of the stream pages with specific follow suggestions based on your own profile and who you already follow.

Third, we have posted a widget on member profile pages which lists suggestions of good follows similar to the specific profile you are viewing.

The goal of the StockTwits Discovery Tool is to help you find the best follows suited specifically for you.


TechCrunch has the story here.