Introducing the StockTwits Plugin for Seesmic Desktop

We are excited to introduce the new StockTwits Plugin for Seesmic Desktop.

The new plugin allows our members to follow their favorite StockTwits streams along with their other social media streams including Facebook, Twitter and much more all in one powerful desktop application.

The new plugin also allows you to easily publish your messages directly from the StockTwits platform which gives your messages wide distribution to StockTwits, Twitter, CNNMoney, Yahoo Finance and Bing Finance with more destinations coming soon!

To get started all you need to do is download the plugin.  Once you have done this, you will be able to load up all of your favorite StockTwits streams including your Home Stream, Watchlists, Charts Stream, The Suggested Stream and more.  You can even follow other members and stocks directly from the desktop!

Once you have set up The Seesmic Desktop, just make sure the dot next to your ST user name is green which denotes that the message box is activated and that you are messaging from the StockTwits platform.

One of the beautiful things about having StockTwits plugged into The Seesmic Desktop is that it then allows you to have all of your social networks in one place. These include StockTwits, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Yammer and more.

You can download the plugin here or directly from the Seesmic Marketplace on your Seesmic Desktop.

We are thrilled to collaborate with Seesmic and to be included in their powerful desktop application.


  1. Martin says:

    These social media clients seem kind of all same to me, but Seesmic has a great potential. Don’t you find the 2 dimensional scrolling a bit too confusing? I had a bit trouble orienting at the beginning. Written about it in the fresh Seesmic Review

  2. Bruce says:

    I have just tried to get this all working in Seesmic Desktop 2 latest version and either I am doing things very wrong or the integration is just not working.

    1. I cannot figure out how to update to the newest version of the plugin. I have tried a couple of times and all that happens is the older version stays there and my Stocktwits Account gets deleted from the Seesmic Desktop.

    2. Not all tweets from the “Suggested List” column show up. For instance I have a all of Howards tweets showing up in my twitter stream and only half showing up in the Suggested Column.

    There are so many reasons now to use Seesmic Desktop over Tweetdeck with Stocktwits. If it would only work for me as expected.

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