Introducing The StockTwits Social Sentiment Indicator

Today, we are excited to announce a new feature that will make messaging more meaningful and make the streams more interesting and alive at just a glance.

The StockTwits Social Sentiment Indicator is a toggle on the StockTwits message box that allows signed in contributors to communicate their view (Bullish or Bearish) on any specific ticker or the market as a whole.

If you wish to add sentiment to a message, click Bull or Bear and your view is embedded in the message and viewable on the stream. If your message is cashtagged with $TICKER then your sentiment is associated with that ticker.

Here’s how StockTwits messages will look in the stream with sentiment attached:

The StockTwits Sentiment Indicator will allow our members to clearly communicate their view and others who read the message to know whether that message is from someone who is bullish or bearish.

It will also allow those viewing streams (from public company CEO’s to IR Departments) to eyeball the Qualitative insights.

We will have more features in the very near future related to ‘social sentiment and signals’.