Invesco’s John Hoffman and Nasdaq’s Sean Wasserman Join Me on Panic with Friends to Discuss the Mother of All ETFs ($QQQ) and Investing in Innovation

If you read my blog you know I have been banging the drum about owning $QQQ over $SPY forever. Technology has been the place for your money and going forward I expect more of the same as technology bleeds into healthcare and biotech which also make up large parts of the $QQQ. You can see all the $QQQ holdings here on Koyfin.

A few weeks ago Invesco teamed up with The Nasdaq to launch a suite of $QQQ new products including the $QQQJ (up and comers). I thought this was an excellent idea and decided to go deeper in a podcast with the people closest to it. Thanks to my good friend Allan Schoenberg for coordinating it all.

You can listen to it right here on Apple or Spotify.

For more details on the podcast keep reading….

Guests: John Hoffman & Sean Wasserman

John’s Profile: Head of Americas, ETFs & Indexed Strategies at Invesco

Sean’s Profile: Vice President, Global Head of Index & Advisor Solutions at Nasdaq

Where to Find John: LinkedIn

Where to Find Sean: LinkedIn

What’s the Panic About:

We brought on Invesco’s John Hoffman and the Nasdaq’s Sean Wasserman to talk about the ETFs of all ETFs – QQQ. Invesco, a global asset management firm, is the father of the QQQ ETF, which launched with the Nasdaq over 20 years ago. John says the company now manages just north of $1.2 trillion (no big deal). Now, Invesco and Nasdaq are expanding their partnership to launch the Invesco QQQ Innovation Suite. This will offer investor access to the NASDAQ-100 and NASDAQ Next Gen 100 portfolios. I won’t go into too much detail because Sean and John are the real experts in this space. But I will say after listening to this episode, you will feel like an ETF and QQQ expert. In this episode, the three of us have a wide-ranging discussion about all things QQQ, ETFs, Invesco and Nasdaq’s new partnership product, investor relationships, managing & building portfolios, the democratization of investing, network effects, emerging tech companies, the next generation of young investors and more.

The Takeaway:

Success is not an overnight thing. QQQ started a little over 20 years ago, and their growth didn’t just happen on day one. Innovation and growth is a long-term investment, and one that the teams behind QQQ continues to make.

Favorite Quotes:

“The ETF as a delivery mechanism for investors has really transformed the way portfolios are built and capital is allocated.”

“The major breakthrough in all of this is bringing all these investors together in one democractic vehicle.”

“You don’t have to sell during these periods of stress, but if you want to – you can.”

Food for Thought:

I think you all will have enough thoughts about QQQ to last for at least a week after listening to this episode. So, I want to leave you all with a big THANK YOU to everyone who supported and came out on Saturday to Stocktwits’ charity poker tournament, with all the proceeds from the event going toward Wall Street Bound. Over $70,000 was raised.

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