Investors Are Also Working People 

Was thinking about this riff from Josh Brown :

Imagine you sold your mom and pop bookstore in 1997 to Amazon and put all that money in Amazon stock. None of your descendants would ever work again. 

My mother-in-law used to ask me what to tell her friends when they asked what I do. 

I would say – tell you friends I like to start companies… that I am an entrepreneur.  

Now that I am Chairman of Stocktwits, when she asks I tell her to tell her friends that I invest for a living. 

I like being the capital as Josh says above. 

The hardest work of being an investor  is getting/begging for the capital so that you can eventually invest. 

Next time my mother-in-law asks I might just say to tell her friends that my job is to raise capital. 

But I agree with Josh completely that investors are working people and I am confident that capital will continue to crush labor no matter what/how the government intervenes. 

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