Is Apple ‘Too Big To Succeed’? ….And The Era of One Trillion

The negative sentiment on our $AAPL stream is deafening. I am not willing to fade the crowd on this.

No matter how much $AAPL stock David Einhorn and Blackrock buy, the stock drops.

I am reminded of this great Monty Python sketch regarding the Romans.

In the last 10 years, Apple has given us the iPod, the iPhone, MacAir, iPad, the iPad mini (bastards gave us no retina display), Apple TV, record sales and profits, the largest market capitalization of all time and $10 billion in dividends.

Not enough.

I was chatting with the lovely and talented Deirdre Bolton this morning on Bloomberg (the video embedded below).

I believe we have truly entered the trillion $ era for companies. The world is shrinking and the web is accelerating. Apple pushed the upper boundaries of what was possible and now we have a bit of chaos. Apple in my opinion should be testing the waters with a dividend increase. No company has ever had $130 billion so no company really needs to hold $130 billion. I want Apple to create products at a relentless pace for sure, but not financial ones.

Further muddying the future (it is never all clear), especially in mobile, is that ‘the enemy of my enemy, is the enemy‘. In their race to catch up to Apple, Google even says they may have created a monster in Samsung.

I believe we get past all this stuff. As always, the government will be the big wildcard. Watch the video!


  1. peter_north says:

    I can’t figure out AAPL, but one thing is undeniable… Deirdre is hotter than the surface of the sun! I’m jealous you got to sit next to her, Howard. :-)

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