Is it Just MY Head Exploding?

I don’t watch television anymore on any regular basis, but my sensory overload is at all-time highs.

I believe it was my Twitter friend Karl Long (who works for Nokia) that with Twitter, you get the social network you DESERVE. He is a wicked smart twitterer and although I have never met him and can’t freaking remember how our twitter paths crossed (that’s a business by the way), he is one of many people that have created this sensory overload.

My Twitter stream is filled with amazing ideas, energy, enthusiasm, support and laughs. I could not dream of a better support/mentor group and yet none of my best friends or family from Toronto or Phoenix have really committed to the network.

For all the possibilities of Facebook, you will NEVER get that time of intimacy or community effect that Twitter provides today. My father-in-law and high school friends sending me pictures is just not for me.

While the media tries to figure out a business model and your parents log on to Facebook, remember how lucky you are to have discovered Twitter and Stocktwits and treat them with the respect they deserve.