Is Stupid more dangerous Than Evil – A Facebook Story and Other Sunday Links

Really now…Is Facebook too Evil for Coke…or is Coke just too stupid for not paying the lousy few billion for Facebook when they could ? Isn’t stupid more dangerous than evil?

I think Ben Stein is funny, at least in Ferris Bueller. Hard to picture him as smart or as writing for the NY Times, but he does. Today he rips on Goldman . It’s old news, but still news that needs to be spread. Goldman is the world’s largest bookie that fixes games and legally sells you shit while they are dumping it out the back door.

Photocrank is a great idea . If I understood how to load this kind of crap, I would.

I was out with a entrepreneurial neuro surgeon friend of mine tonight who was talking about this idea in healthcare . All the good ideas are taken :) . This one funded by my friends at Spark Capital. I can’t wait to introduce them.


  1. tokintrader says:

    we live in an upset world…

    Here’s my realtime post to my twitter account: “Twitter has a serious bug. Again documented. Wonder if the vc care? Hmmm, how shall I use this knowledge? Make money or help change…”

    My point is do “we” care, collectively? If you replace “twitter” with “washington mutual” and “vc” with “government”, does the outcome of my query change?

    Notwithstanding 2.0, my hope for the web is for rapid, dramatic change to the way “we” think deeply, thus forcing change within time – because time is quantifiable, and the window of opportunity is closing. I reported the bug to twitter because they provide a simple means to reporting a bug.

    My hope for corp’s and govn’t is null – and i’m doing everything i can, within the framework of remaining a us citizen, to revolt. I sshort WM on 10/26.

    otoh, the twitter bug isn’t life threatening…

    M :)

  2. Ross says:

    For all the Facebook Beacon criticism, no one has really hit on the fact that Facebook already f’d up like this once before with News Feed. Remember the 1 m+ anti-News Feed group and Zuckerberg’s heart felt letter to users: “We really messed this one up…”

    I guess the one thing they learned from News Feed was to keep regular users in the dark. The tech nerds had to expose this gaffe. Ask a college kid what Facebook Beacon is and you’ll get a blank stare.

  3. Crawford says:

    Here he goes. Ben S. is about to be interviewed on CNBC calling for investigation of the S-B Fiasco.
    From “Bueller…Bueller” to “Bernanke…Bernanke”. Should be engaging.

  4. Howard, hit me up by email if you really want help installing PhotoCrank. We did some design work for them and I wrote the WordPress plugin.

    The PC team would love if I could get their plugin on another high-profile blog like yours (and yeah, you’re blog is high profile. congrats)

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