Is the net "Boring" or just becoming like the movies – COPYCAT CRAP!

Mark Cuban is asking the blogosphere how to get more butts in seats at movie theaters without spending gobs of cash on marketing. I read about it in The Blogging Times and read a detailed post on a possible solution over at Chartreuse .
Sorry Char! I say:

1. Better popcorn
2. A Taser to zap talkers
3. Lower prices
4. Zitless staff that washes their hair (preferably not orange or streaky blue) and cuts their nails
5. More porn (never fails especially in HDTV)
6. BETTER [email protected]#$CKING MOVIES.

By the way, I have left that message in thousands of suggestion boxes and even left the same note at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem (pretty much whispered it into God’s ears). Nothing!

I love Cuban though he dissed me for playoff tickets. I like him asking his devoted readers for help. WHY NOT.

On the other hand, a week or so ago Cuban said the web is boring . Now has the gall to ask for help with movies. BUDDY – MOVIES ARE BORING.

Cuban knows the web is not boring and he is investing in all kinds of ventures to cash in on the future of the web. I see it as a challenge.

He means boring because he sees the copycat newbie internet entrepreneurs of today knock off successful ideas – get listed in Wikipedia and just truly bore us forever. It worries me too.

Now Cuban – pay me!

Knowing you won’t I have decided to start asking for my money back for every movie longer than 90 minutes and any movie that’s trailers are the best part. I suspect free movies forever. Too bad about the shitty popcorn.

Maybe the net is boring – but I like the price of admission and I make WICKED popcorn!

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  1. Minic says:

    The web is actually boring… especially if you look at… ooops isn’t it that Cuban is an investor there?

  2. Mr Angry says:

    Cuban was just after blog headlines when he said “boring”. And it worked. I left him a note that said marketing was a waste of time – as hundreds of posters sadi, make the movies better and the marketing will look after itself. Focus on what the movies has that home can’t reproduce – a good, communal experience. And stop pissing people off with expensive popcorn and too many ads.

  3. Howard Lindzon says:

    I will give him the benefit of the doubt because it has made me think about it.

    More to come

    you ahould add cocomment and mybloglog

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