Is the Trend Your Friend?

Take every offer seriously and don’t look back. HINDSIGHT is 20/20. A great entrepreneurship story.

“…you’ll be able to be entrepreneurs the rest of your lives.”

Barron’s discusses Turbo Ovens – becoming popular at Stabucks and Subway. I am keeping an eye on this story and stock. I am watching out for these ovens wherever I go.

Did Nintendo just leap the game console war with the Wii?

More from Barron’s (rare for me to quote them even once). “No Place for Pessimism“. All I read in the papers and blogosphere are fears of complacence and the low VIX. BUT, as I wrote yesterday, the semiconductors and IPO’s are terrible so I am watching those for signs of froth.

The Great Depression, 1929-1938, provided a positive real return of 1% a year on average. Even including dividends, the current market needs a real index gain of almost 6% a year on average during the remaining years of this decade just to match the Great Depression. Anything less would make this decade worse.

I always say – from my own bad experience – don’t fall in love with component plays.

Is it a great time to start a company? An old question with one answer. It always is with the right product and right management. The good news today is that money is CHEAP and LOOSE.

Dare I say – TIME Warner is climbing!?

Disclosure – Long Time Warner, entrepreneurship, and optimism :) .

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