Is Twitter The Next MySpace?


Events – mostly Sports and Finance will support a core business forever.

But, it’s a subject us traders and investors are chatting about as we watch bids disappear and stock options sink below prices that could lead to brain drain.

I rarely LOL, but this post on Stocktwits still has me smiling:

Jack Dorsey circa 2065, still interim CEO of $TWTR

— PaidPumper (@PaidPumper) Aug. 19 at 12:45 PM

I think the last conference call was a disaster. I know they must be complicated but this call I made up for Wallstrip in 2007 to spoof Rick’s Cabaret was better executed…

I hope they can get it together and get the metrics moving in a direction that keeps the right people happy for the right reasons, but I definitely think they blew it on so many levels. It’s frustrating to watch in real-time.