Is YAHOO in play? If so, who could and SHOULD buy them.

Google beat Yahoo. Game over. Don’t even argue on this blog.

Here is the bummer for Yahoo. While TechMeme nerds debate whether Yahoo should buy facebook, the real news could come frm a Comcast or AT&T swooping in and trying to buy Yahoo.

Talk about insult to injury for the management team at Yahoo. They deserve it. It’s like Calacanis getting exiled at Netscape – fitting!

Me – I could care less. They have not delivered. Talk is cheap – the share price says it all.

Google is just loving all this action. Here’s why. Whether YouTube works or not, they have Yahoo and everybody else in old media running around like little girls reunited after an HOUR APART IN GRADE SCHOOL.

Here is what SHOULD happen.

Exxon or Phillip Morris should buy Yahoo.

Who the [email protected][email protected] would expect that? Not Google! Definately not Wall Street. Here is why it could work:

First – both companies could easily afford it.


Third – it would confuse the shit out of Google. Maybe reason number 1 why they should do it.

Fourth – Search points. The only chance for Yahoo to beat Google in search at this point is to offer something RADICAL. How about gas and cigarettes :) for search.

The point is that no one is thinking outside the box anymore on Wall Street and it sucks. Bankers are wimps, CNBC is braindead and hedge funds are all doing the same boring stuff.

While everybody in Web 2.0 is concocting cool mashups (ZILLOW anyone) – no one on Wallstreet has even heard of it.

See you at Wallstrip on Monday. Can’t wait.

UPDATE – Fred Wilson posts a more realistic scenario with actual numbers :) . But I still like my crazy thinking.


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