Is YouTube more evil than Phillip Morris?

Ping me if I am mistaken, but has anyone died of lung cancer from YouTube?

Today Forrester Research is out with their YouTube will die missive and joins the bashing party. Please. Way to go out on the edge. People pay these guys for this great research and insight. The Blogging Times has more bashing links .

I say YouTube is a stretch to be called an Addictive Venture, but I am happy to call it a Corrupt Venture and keep it in my portfolio.

If Phillip Morris can last this long, The venture backers at YouTube will keep this baby alive long enough to reach the end zone. I will take some of their Series Q :) .


  1. BDG123 says:

    Where’s the porn on YouTube? They need porn to be successful. Did Forrester mention that? Those goofs at Forrester, Gartner, etc are coin flippers.

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  3. Matt says:

    I remember alot of “very smart” people bashing Ebay in its early days and saying it was going to end up in bankruptcy. YouTube may eventually melt down, but I feel they’ll work their way thru the copyright and other issues. Unlike Napster and the music industry, I think the traditional video media companies may want YouTube to survive. My 2 cents from the armchair…

  4. Mr Angry says:

    YT has zero fears on piracy – they take down anything they’re asked to which protects them legally. Anyone who cites this as a problem is either stupid or a self-serving bombast like Cuban. He’s my target for this week’s blogging times.

  5. Howard Lindzon says:

    The anangry man is smart – but stuck in a remote unimportant part of the world – you can barelllllly hearrrrr himmmmmmm – spppppppeakkkkk uppppp buddddyyyyyyy

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