It Was The Best of Times It Was The Worst of Times

Umair Haque is doing a great job worrying about an American collapse (I pay the $5 month for Medium just to read his stuff).

This week’s ‘The Quisling’s of American Collapse‘ was particularly good.

Ben Hunt has a great new series out. His part 1 ‘Things Fall Apart‘ was a favorite read of the week for me.

This sure can sound like the worst of times, BUT….

My friend Charlie Bilello does not talk politics, just markets and serves up a reminder that while we may be collapsing, The United States sure is a good place to be invested.

My friend JC says The US stock market is just getting going.

The end of America may be upon us but the stock market does not care. That’s 2018 in a financial nutshell so far. The stock market is not the economy and a lot of bears are learning that politics is not a good signal for trading stocks.

Have a great weekend.

PS – I love my Van’s

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