It’s Always Midnight if You Have Ambien

It was a fantastic week in Santa Monica and Malibu.

I was at the Upfront Summit the last few days. Upfront is the only Venture Capital conference I attend all year.

The week was a blur of networking and rapid conversations with some of the best investors I know. A lot of them I just see at this one event each year.

One joy these days is having peers come up to me and say they read my blog daily and enjoy it. It happened a few times at the summit.

Today I was treated to a great day of golf at Bel Air Country club by my friends Mark Mullen (Double M Capital) and Greg Bettenelli (Upfront).

Fred Wilson and I teamed up but were crushed by Mark and his playing partner Ross Levinsohn. I have not played in over a month so I was not expecting much, but did manage a few good shots and one 40 foot birdie putt. The course is tough, but the walk is spectacular.

The 8 person group chat was in fine form after the round as our friend Patrick Keane was all over Fred for wearing a Nike mock turtleneck which has been out of style since the late 90’s. When I landed back in Phoenix and was barraged with the the thread I chimed in that everyone should go to bed. Mark responded with ‘It’s Only 7:18’. I responded with ‘It’s always midnight if you have Ambien’.

That really should be the drugs tagline.

I have a brutal travel schedule in February so am looking forward to a few days at home.

Have a great weekend.