January Market Tops to Continue…?

Lot’s of great looking all time highs so it is tough to be bearish. I have been selling down some big winners to finally get off margin and nibbling on a few all-time highs – healthcare mainly.

I still think that China blew a top and that when the Olympics roll into Beijing we will be much lower in the FXI. I will let you know when I am ready to eat my words. It could happen at anytime. I am not short anything China and long Baidu, so I hope we just keep chugging.

I just doubt it.

I was looking through some financial blogs and saw this great post about the past six year (short-term) Nasdaq market tops for January. That is a significant trend to me. One worth noting for you traders. Thanks Kevin.


  1. Broker A says:

    You market top folk better be wrong– for my sake.

    Plus, who really is crazy enough to go all cash?

    I mean, isn’t it true a Jan-Feb dip is likely an optimal buying opportunity?

    If not, I guess the only thing left to do is watch CNBC, while frinking large quantities of Monster Energy Soda.

    With my money, I’ll hedge my bullishness with long positions in LMT, CLX and several other defensive names.

  2. I do not advocating timimg the market here, just offering some insight.

    as you know I rarely short other than for a quick impulsive bad trade

    Watching cnbc is the only mistake you can make :)

  3. Todd says:

    Finally some sanity in AXR. 4 more days like yesterday and I may have a chance in that pair trade contest.

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