Jeff Richards, Managing Partner at GGV Capital, Joins Me on Panic with Friends to Discuss Why He’s Bullish on Fintech and the Post-COVID Rebound (EP.155)

Whenever I get a little nervous about technology stocks I call my friend Jeff Richards to be on the podcast. This will make three times since March 2020.

Jeff has had a hot hand since birth and he’s a nice guy so just have a listen here on Spotify or Apple.

For more details on the episode, Jeff and links to his previous podcasts (worth listening to) you can read on below.

Guest: Jeff Richards
Profile: Managing Partner at GGV Capital
Where to Find Him: LinkedIn, Twitter

What’s the Panic About:

For this week’s episode, I brought on my friend Jeff Richards for his third Panic with Friends appearance. In case you can’t tell, I never get tired of talking to him. Jeff is a great friend and an even greater thinker. And he just keeps picking winners. Jeff is managing partner at GGV Capital, a $9 billion global venture firm. He focuses mainly on enterprise, cloud, and marketplace investments. It’s been great having him on the podcast during different stages of the pandemic to get his thoughts and assess where we’re going. In Jeff’s first Panic appearance, he offered a sense of much needed calm back when everyone was panicking. In his second appearance, Jeff gave insight into the fintech boom and the post-COVID future of investing. This time around, I wanted to check back in with him about tech, growth, and the future. In this episode, I chatted with Jeff about infrastructure, fintech, the digital economy, crypto, cloud, ecommerce, and categories and trends coming strong out of the pandemic. And of course we had to talk about golf for a bit too. Enjoy!

The Takeaway:

As Jeff points out, there’s a lot of things to be bullish on right now, some of which include: the post-covid rebound, digital economy, infrastructure, fintech, and small business. Jeff wrote a great deep dive all about these trends and the reboot of the US economy, which highly recommend checking out.

Favorite Quote:

“You have to be positive to be a venture capitalist.”
“You can’t control prices, you can only control investing in the future.”

PS – I am now doing one ‘Panic With Friends’ podcast per week. Thanks for listening and make sure you subscribe over on Spotify or Apple.