JOMO – The Joy of Missing Out and Sunday in Toronto

I had never heard the term JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) until yesterday, but I like it. Psychology Today calls it the ‘Emotionally Intelligent Antidote to FOMO‘. Have a read.

Ten years ago I would have dismissed JOMO immediately.

Today, I am all about a JOMO lifestyle, though I will always have to battle FOMO because it lurks in my competitive soul and the connected world.

I am in Toronto for a few days.

I spent the day with four generations of my family…my mom, my nieces Jordy, Sammy and Amanda and Jordy’s beautiful baby twins. I love being an uncle. It is one of the only things that has come natural to me. Here are the twins:

Toronto just keeps booming. I was driving my mom to get lunch and we passed by the house I grew up in and my mom told me it just sold for $5.8 million. When they bought the home over 40 years ago, she told me they paid $99,000…which brought on a brief bout of FOMO!

We have two portfolio companies in the city, Joist and Street Contxt. I caught up over a coffee with Blair Livingston, Street Contxt’s founder to talk about the business and his vision as he enters year 6 of building a company and business focused on ‘Intelligently Connecting The Capital Markets‘.

I took two Sunday pitches in Yorkville from founders with great backgrounds and ideas.

I had dinner with a best pal Adam Ochshorn and Matt Golden (my friend and best Venture Capitalist in Toronto), which was so much fun.

Hotels Tonight offered up this great deal at Anndore Hotel which turns out to be a great refurbished Comfort Inn. Worth trying if you come to Toronto. The restaurant downstairs is called Constantine and it is a world class Mediterranean food experience.

A great Sunday.

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