Joost on Wallstrip! It's Supposed to be the other way around!

Today Lindsay is sitting with Mike Volpi, CEO of Joost.

CBS is a large investor, contributing part of the $45 million in venture money along with Sequoia. The Company has gotten an enormous amount of press. Here is exactly what they do .

Om also interviewed Mike back in June right after he took the job, leaving Cisco .

Me, I can’t keep track of all the ways video content will be distributed, I just know it’s big, deep and growing. That’s good, especially for the best content.


  1. William says:

    Someone let me know when they get new content on their site. Watching month old interviews is teh suk :( Sorry.

    Joost’s tech is great but the content is lacking in a major way.

  2. Allyn says:

    Dunno, VoIP is still an emerging technology. Packet loss will not paint a pretty picture, literally or figuratively.

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