Journaling… Web Publishing…and The Power of Curation and Time

If you want to improve your investing…write stuff down. Journal it. Of course you should read a lot as well. The best advice I have once you start down this path is to do it consistently.

The question of course is where do I start?

The beautiful thing about markets are the opportunities and choices. Once you learn to make them work for you, you have won. I have said this so many times before, but the market and ideas should come to you.

I started reading financial blogs in 1998 when started. Today, I don’t explore the financial web as deeply and carefully as I once did. I trust my filters and the connectors I read. If you have been reading me you are doing the same with me.

During market hours, I live on Stockwtits, which is my go to place for sentiment and ideas…I call it ‘The Human Ticker’. I believe our team has built the best ‘Real Time Pulse’ of the Markets & Indespensible ‘Sentiment Machine'(coined by my friend Dan Teree, cofounder of Ticketfly). Use StockTwits To Catch Up Fast or Dive Deep into open analysis and debate. It is also the lightest way to keep your own financial journal.

My friend Brian has a great weekly linkfest of the ‘Best of the Stocktwits Blog Network‘. Brain loves to write and link so he has my attention.

Our continually updated Stocktwits Blog Network home page can be found here. Bookmark it.

Tadas at Abnormal Returns, a member of The Stocktwits Network, has a daily linkfest that always expands my reading list. He just knows how to find and frame important financial market stories and talent.

Over the years, my passion developed for momentum and trends. The people that framed it best for me were Investors Business Daily. They have not stopped doing a great job and they have fantastic data. That said, I found I did not have the time myself anymore and wanted to see momentum in a different way. A cleaner, simpler, webified list and I wanted to filter further for what we thought were the best setups to take the list to another level of curation. With the help of the team we built The Stocktwits50. We have added different ‘social scores and rankings’ with our data and now update the world of momentum on a daily basis. It may mean nothing to you on any given day, but if you make it a 10-minute part of your workflow daily, the writings, lists and data will have a profound impact on your understanding of money flow, markets and momentum. You will make money too.

Web publishing has been so influential on my life. With tablets and improving smart phones, the stage is set for another round of innovation and disruption in the publishing space and a whole new group of talent will be poured into the top of the hose to be filtered for the rest of us.

The speed at which beginners can be mentored is accelerating at such an exciting pace. It is easy to be disgusted by individual and corporate actions in the daily grind of the markets, but if you pull yourself away from it and dive in to these products, you will learn to invest for Profit and Joy. That is the goal. Don’t get sidetracked.


  1. jessepod says:

    Very inspiring post- as someone trying to build such a product that helps people become happier and more connected investors- thanks for your daily support of the community! Some of the very ppl you have mentored are now mentoring me!

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    • William Mougayar says:

      I’ll be here in the commenting galley.

      It feels like you’re just getting warmed-up & clearing your head.

      I really liked your interview with Calacanis, give or take a few Beeps ;)

  3. Gordon Bowman says:

    +1 to journaling. That’s when my trading started hitting another level.

    Also, please keep up the daily momentum wraps. Love them.

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