Julie VerHage-Greenberg, Co-Founder of Fintech Today, Joins Me on Panic with Friends to Discuss the Future of Media, Fintech, and Trading (EP.163)

I read Fintech Today every day. I trust that Julie (today’s guest) will cover the fast changing industry for me in a condensed way.

With all the acquisitions and IPO’s of late I asked her to come on the ‘Panic’ podcast to riff on the sector with me. It was a fun conversation.

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For more details on Julie and the episode read on below….

Guest: Julie VerHage-Greenberg

Profile: Co-Founder of Fintech Today

Where to Find Her: LinkedIn, Twitter

What She’s Panicked About: Being a new homeowner

Episode Summary:

If anyone knows fintech — it’s Julie VerHage-Greenberg. She was one of Bloomberg’s first fintech reporters and even covered Robinhood from before it was a billion dollar company. Since her time at Bloomberg, Julie has gone on to build her own media and newsletter company. Fintech Today is a community and media/content company focused on the fintech startup ecosystem for investors, entrepreneurs and operators in the space. On top of her founder duties, Julie is also an angel investor, startup advisor, podcast host, group fitness instructor, running coach, and yoga teacher. It’s alway fun to have reporters and fellow podcast hosts like Julie on Panic with Friends and ask them some questions for a change. In this episode, Julie and I talk about her jump to and building a fintech product, the power of API’s, Robinhood, BNPL, Bitcoin, the gamification of trading, financial education, and more. I hope you enjoy!

The Takeaway:

Everything is fintech!

Favorite Quote:

“The future of media is newsletters.”

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