Just a hunch, but I am long for a trade – Think P.P.D.W – death and addiction!

The negativity is palpable and combined with the nasty recent selloff, the universal hate for the stock market (including me) and the pretty resilient behavior of the indexes, I spent some time this afternoon looking for cheap call and risk plays to play a big move up.

It is just a hunch, but I covered my shipping shorts intra-day and oil shorts and locked in some big profits and went long oil stocks and some war stocks. For example, LMT (Lockhhed Martin hit a new high today).

Porn , Pawn, drugs (the good addictive kind :) ) and weapons. When the going gets tough, think death and addiction
Disclosure – Long SNY (Ambien), Oil stocks and weapons of all kinds.

PS – I am in a good mood because my sweet daughter returns home from camp tomorrow and I don’t mean to mock the tragic events in Iraq and the Middle East. I know I am lucky and blessed and am only trying to get some cheap giggles. Please take my stupid words in the right context. Cheers.


  1. Vanesica says:

    Ha ha – Ambien is next in line to becoming one of the most prescribed addictive sedatives. (Right up there with Benzodiazpines.)

    Welcome humans little helper ;)
    A 21st century addiction
    braught to you
    by none other than your
    family doctor

  2. Vanesica says:

    ah ;) I hope it works. It’s funny how having a blog has that effect on a mother. My mom included (aging baby boomers..).

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