Just Another Momentum Monday….

I snuck up to Toronto to say hello to my Mom. It was her 76th birthday.

I gave her a quick rundown of the momentum running wild in the markets…

Tencent is now a $500 billion company. I doubt one percent of the investing public even knows Tencent is a public company. I think they get to $1 trillion right after Apple. I said mom…have you heard of Tencent and she said ‘what good is a dime in 2017’!

It’s not just Tencent that is on fire out of China. In fact 16 Chinese ADR’s have doubled in 2017.

Here is a fun chart comparing Bitcoin to gold.

Next I mentioned to my mom that 4.11% of all Bitcoin addresses own about 96% of all the Bitcoin in circulation right now. She immediately accused my dad of hiding the password to the Coinbase account from her.

Needless to say we switched the conversation back to bagels and lunch.

Happy Birthday Mom.

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